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The Risks and Benefits Associated With Spider Vein Treatment
by: Tiffany Bradford

While many types of cosmetic procedures are done with the idea of looking more youthful in mind, others are done to remove or reduce blemishes on the body. Two types of maladies that may be treated through cosmetic procedures are spider and varicose veins. While varicose veins can actually threaten a person's health, spider veins generally only threaten a person's appearance. However, there are many treatments for spider veins that a person can consider if their appearance becomes bothersome.

What are Spider Veins?

There many different causes for spider and varicose veins. These causes include heredity, hormones taken via certain medications, obesity and occupations which require a great deal of standing. This appearance is caused by the twisting and breaking of veins just under the skin. Whatever the root cause, when a person has spider or varicose veins, he or she may wish to get treatment. There are many possible treatments for spider and varicose veins.

Treatment for Spider and Varicose Veins

Treatment can be determined for spider and varicose veins on the severity of the problem. Sometimes, this malady can be treated using legs stockings. These specialized stockings go on the leg, generally up to the upper thigh and put pressure on the legs alleviating some of the symptoms of spider and varicose vein. More severe varicose veins can be treated using sclerotherapy, surgery or lasers inserted into the vein.

Sclerotherapy is the use of saline to destroy veins. The saline mixture is injected directly into the veins. Generally, this mixture is able to destroy the vein thereby eliminating the appearance of varicose or slider things. This is generally not harmful, as the vein already useless or near useless by this point.

While spider veins may be treated using the specialized legs stockings, there are other treatment options as well. Spider veins cannot be treated using surgery, they are simply too small. However, if a larger varicose vein near certain spider veins is treated with surgery, the spider veins may disappear as well. Spider veins may be treated sclerotherapy. Spider veins may also be treated with light or laser therapy. These treatments involve the use of heat energy to destroy the veins involved with the spider veins.

Lifestyle changes can also be an option to treat spider and varicose veins. By changing one's diet and increasing exercise, a person may be able to reduce the appearance of these veins on their own. This is because by reducing weight and increasing activity, can have a positive effect on the appearance of veins.

What to Expect

If a person is considering will of his or her varicose or spider veins there are a few things he or she should know, prior to going to get surgery or other treatments. First of all, varicose vein removal may be covered by a person's insurance company. However, the treatment and removal of spider veins is generally not covered. Most treatment options for spider and varicose veins will not require a person to miss a great deal of work. The exception to this may be surgery. However, even surgery for varicose veins will generally not require a person to take a great deal of time off of work to recover.

Consult with your doctor about cosmetic surgery options to help get rid of spider veins. Discuss cosmetic surgery cost and benefits and risks along with any other alternative cosmetic plastic surgery or non-surgical treatments.

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